Chairman Dr. Nobuhiko Koga

Since becoming the chairman of the Koga Medical Group on June 1st, 2006, I have been constantly seeking to provide the latest, most effective patient-centered medical care through the improvement of medical treatment techniques, the utilization of the latest medical equipment and facilities and by strengthening teamwork and cooperation skills, not only within our group, but also with other hospitals and clinics. We do our best to live up our group’s motto “Medical Care That Supports a Fulfilling Life”.
Shin Koga Hospital cleared all 532 assessment criteria of the Japan Council for Quality Health Care and was certified in accordance with the Hospital Evaluation Standards (Version 5.0). In addition, we were honored to receive feedback stating that Shin Koga Hospital “considers emergency care to be a vital part of its hospital operations and is one of the main hospitals that offer local community medical services, staying true to their policy of never refusing those in need of emergency care.” Moreover, we have been certified as a clinical training hospital by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and we are putting a great deal of importance on training doctors.

At Koga Hospital 21, in addition to our PET Imaging Center being the first in the private sector in Northern Kyushu to offer cancer screening using a PET scan, we have also opened a Radiotherapy Center in which Tomotherapy can be performed (the 2nd facility after Osaka to do so in the west of Japan). Tomotherapy is a process used to treat cancer without making any incisions and established the latest integrated medical treatment system from cancer screening and diagnosis to treatment. We are also working together with the staff at Shin Koga Hospital to improve rehabilitation processes for patients recovering from heart disease.

Shin Koga Clinic—located within a 2-minute walk from Nishitetsu Kurume Station—offers standard health check-ups as well as a comprehensive private health check known as Ningen Dock on the 1st floor. The separated areas for men and women has proven to be popular, especially among female patients. The female-only area has been set up so that the gynecology department and female-only outpatient clinic (Breast Surgery・Proctology) are operated by female doctors only. Furthermore, we have an endoscopy center with private exam rooms on the 5th and 6th floors, a day-care rehabilitation center for patients in long-term care on the 2nd and a chemotherapy room where the patients can receive their treatment in a relaxing atmosphere on the 3rd floor. After undergoing the Ningen Dock Health Check, be sure to visit Sky Lounge located on the 8th floor and have a meal while enjoying the view.

We hope to be recognized as a local-oriented hospital that meets the expectations of the local community. We whole-heartedly appreciate the continued support and guidance of our community.

Head of Shin Koga Hospital - Doctor Akihiro Hayashi

The Koga Medical Group is becoming an integrated medical group and is expanding its healthcare services with the cooperation of its group affiliates which include Shin Koga Hospital, Koga Hospital 21, Shin Koga Clinic, Nobusuma Clinic, Hebaru Clinic and Koga Care Avenue (a general care facility for the elderly).

While I stand as the head of the Shin Koga Hospital—a facility that plays a central role in the Tenjinkai Medical Group within the fields of advanced and emergency medical care within the Chikugo region—it has always been my unrelenting desire to provide our patients with safe, high-quality medical care, to meet the needs of doctors in both private practices and other hospitals as much as possible, and finally, to generate ideas among our hospital staff, choosing the best ones to put into practice with the goal of further improving our already reliable medical care.

We constantly monitor feedback from our patients in the form of suggestions, complaints, and requests so that we can find out information such as if our patients were satisfied with our services, whether they would be likely to come back to the Tenjikai group again in the future, or whether they would recommend our hospital to their friends. We strive to respond to any requests we receive as quickly as possible. We know that the medical care field can be mentally and physically exhausting for the hospital staff, and it is for this reason that I believe it necessary to create a bright and fulfilling workplace where our staff can take pride in their work, cooperate with colleagues and look out for each other while they carry out their work (ES: employee satisfaction). This allows our staff to provide quality healthcare services that are able to satisfy the needs of our patients (CS: customer satisfaction).

Finally, in order to contribute to the quality of healthcare in our community, we, the Koga Medical Group staff, promise to provide consistent medical care which abides by our 3S mindset concept (Service, Sincerity and Study) and adheres to the greater principal, “Medical Care That Supports a Fulfilling Life.”

Head of Koga Hospital 21 - Doctor Yosuke Miyakawa

It is my hope for Koga Hospital 21 to operate as a hospital that fully recognizes that medical care should support a fulfilling life.

The notable characteristics that make us stand out most prominently are our ability to perform early diagnosis of cancer at the PET Imaging Center, as well as Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy provided at our state-of-the-art Radiotherapy Center. Of course, we are also putting a lot of effort into improving surgical treatments for gastrointestinal and urologic cancer as well as chemotherapy for lung cancer and hematologic cancer. When it comes to cancer treatment, it is important to constantly develop new ideas and strive to ease the physical and mental symptoms that occur to the patients in the early stages of diagnosis and treatment.

The Orthopedic Surgery Department not only offers advanced surgery techniques, but also supports patients following surgery to help them get back to their healthy daily lives through the utilization of our rehabilitation center. The Nephrology Department’s medical team makes use of their skillful techniques to deal with any trouble that occurs during dialysis treatment. As it is a long-term treatment, they provide exercise therapy during dialysis treatment to help improve elderly patients’ ability to perform ADL.

The Cardiology Department has various kinds of professionals, and is where cardiac rehabilitation is carried out. Furthermore, when other treatments are taken into account, three hospitals from the Koga Medical group (Shin Koga Hospital, Koga Hospital 21 and Shin Koga Clinic) have become known for the advanced, cutting-edge medical care provided which is aided by the smooth cooperation throughout the group.

We strive to compassionately provide the latest medical technologies.

Head of Shin Koga Clinic - Doctor Yuichi Miyamoto

Having been involved in the establishment of the hospice, palliative care unit and terminal care at the Saga Prefectural Hospital, I have been working for a long time on subjects such as patient-centered medical care, holistic medicine, family care, team-based medical care, disclosure of cancer diagnosis, etc.

In holistic medicine, it is recognized that a patient’s suffering can include physical, psychological and social suffering, as well as emotional pain, and it is the medical care team’s job to deal with all of these problems.

With this in mind, we are diligently working on preventive medicine and I hope we will be able to contribute to the management of our patients’ health, even to some extent. Please feel free to talk to us.

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