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Patient Focused Team Care

We operate as part of a team and provide meticulous nursing care carefully catered for each patient's needs.

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Professional and Caring

We provide compassionate, professional services to the local community at all times.

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Excellent Quality Nursing Care

We provide superb quality nursing care and are constantly working towards further self-improvement.


Improving Nursing Expertise in an Enriching Learning Environment

With Japan's society undergoing an aging population and falling birthrate, it is important to ensure that all medical care is functional to suit the needs of the individual, and that medical care programs are implemented and adjusted to serve the local community as part of an integrated system. Despite the overall demands and expectations of nurses having increased over the years, medical care has also advanced making it necessary for nurses to also possess the expertise to work together with other professionals (as a leader of a medical team). At the Koga International Nursing School, our curriculum has been designed to help train nurses who can meet all kinds of demands, and we aim to maintain the excellent quality of our instructors and practical training facilities, as well as to constantly improve the learning environment. In addition, we are striving to acclimate our teaching environment to give our students an enjoyable and enriching three-year school experience, so that they will develop a sound sense of ethics, gain practical and professional skills, possess an internationally minded point of view, understand the importance of continued learning and become a valuable member of society. In particular, as medical care in Japan is likely to involve more international based interactions, especially with developed countries, we have begun the process of creating the necessary environment for this to take place. We hope to provide our students with the skills to become nurses who can take pride in their work. Our school's wonderful environment allows for a worry-free school life.

Merits of Koga International Nursing School

Practical and Professional Skills

Students are able to master both practical and professional skills by utilizing classrooms designed and furnished to look like hospital wards, so that realistic models and simulations may be used to train students.


Students are able to witness and experience a variety of cultures and different mindsets through overseas training opportunities and by studying together with international students.

A Sound Sense of Ethics

Students will develop a strong ethical awareness and compassion for their patients, not only through their academic studies, but also through group work and real-life scenarios involving patient care.

Continued Learning

Students are expected to develop their own sense of independence through individual study at our educational facilities, learning from our caring and attentive instructors.


  • To build an ethical understanding of the importance of respecting the patient's life, rights and dignity.

  • To develop the ability to form relationships through the understanding of all aspects of the patient.

  • To imbue students with a sense of responsibility towards providing nursing care that can help maintain and improve the health of patients, as well as prevent the occurrence of preventable diseases.

  • To build the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to respond to all health concerns a patient may have, based on safe, scientific evidence.

  • To develop the individual's ability to function effectively as a nurse when providing treatment to patients, and to cooperate with the other professionals involved. This in turn will instill in the student a sense of pride in helping the development and growth of the nursing sector.

Seamless Transition in Care

Supporting a Fulfilling Life Through Medical Treatment & Care

Medical Treatment & Care

The link between treatment and nursing

  • Aiming to Provide Higher Quality Medical Care

  • A rich variety of treatment and services
  • Cooperation between the three main hospitals of the group
  • Digital record system at each facility
  • Separate floors for men and women (Shin Koga Clinic)
  • Investment in cutting-edge technology
  • Cooperation between the three main hospitals of the group
  • Contribution to development of health and welfare of local citizens
Koga Medical Group operates three main hospitals in addition to other medical care and rehabilitation facilities.


Koga International Nursing School
3-7-47 Miyanojin
Kurume City, Fukuoka
JAPAN 839-0801
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