Members of Japan International Hospitals

Shin Koga Hospital and Koga Hospital 21 Have Been Certified as Members of Japan International Hospitals (JIH)

The Koga Medical Group has been striving to accept overseas patients (people visiting Japan to receive medical services) in order to further the globalization of medical care. Moreover, the increase in the number of foreign residents living in Japan has given us more opportunities to provide medical services to international patients on a daily basis.

In order to continue accepting international patients under certain rules, our international department has been cooperating closely with our clinical departments, clinical support departments and medical administration department, by preparing the necessary items including the rules and documents.

Recently, Shin Koga Hospital and Koga Hospital 21 underwent the assessment for Japan International Hospitals (JIH), conducted by Medical Excellence JAPAN (MEJ), and have become certified as hospitals that are able to provide safe, quality medical services to overseas patients. The close cooperation between the two hospitals was evaluated extremely positively. The Koga Medical Group whole-heartedly expects to play an active part in the globalization of medical care while continuing to endeavor to contribute to local medical care as a community-based medical institution.

JIH is a project commissioned by the Cabinet Secretariat and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and is conducted by Medical Excellence JAPAN (MEJ). MEJ assesses hospitals that are willing to accept overseas patients, assessing their medical systems and levels of effort, as well as evaluating the contents and track records of diagnosis, treatment and examination practices provided by the participating departments. Hospitals which have met certain criteria are promoted as Japan International Hospitals in coordination with the Japanese government with the objective of encouraging people to visit Japan to receive medical services.

Shin Koga Hospital Certification

Koga Hospital 21 Certification

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