The Koga Medical Group, which opened in 1946 as The Koga Clinic, is celebrating 70 years since its establishment. Thanks to the support of the local community, we have been able to grow into an accomplished medical organization with over 400 beds.

HOSPITALSMedical care and rehabilitative facilities.
CLINICSFast and effective care services
MEDICAL SCHOOLSPursuing Nursing Expertise
ELDERLY CARE HOMESWide array of care services available
REHABILITATIONAt Home Care and Rehabilitation
EMERGENCY TREATMENTMore than 4003 cases in 2017

Seamless Transition in Care

Supporting a Fulfilling Life Through Medical Treatment & Care

Medical Treatment & Care

The link between treatment and nursing

  • Aiming to Provide Higher Quality Medical Care

  • A rich variety of treatment and services
  • Cooperation between the three main hospitals of the group
  • Digital record system at each facility
  • Separate floors for men and women (Shin Koga Clinic)
  • Investment in cutting-edge technology
  • Contribution to development of health and welfare of local citizens
Koga Medical Group operates three main hospitals in addition to other medical care and rehabilitation facilities.

Newer Day by Day Developing along with our patients

The Koga Medical Group, which opened in 1946 as The Koga Clinic, is celebrating 70 years since it was established. Thanks to the support of the local community, we have been able to grow into an accomplished medical organization with over 400 beds. In order to contribute to the local community, we have constantly worked to provide the most advanced medical techniques, by investing in the newest, cutting edge technology as fast as possible. Recently, alongside an aging population and falling birth rates, the nature of diseases has changed. This means that the amount of patients who are being transferred to care and nursing facilities, or patients who undergo at-home treatment and care after being treatedin the acute phase of their illnesses, is steadily increasing. The Koga Medical Group of tomorrow is working hard in order to match these new challenges, by also providing care and nursing services to our patients, in addition to just treating patients' illnesses. We will continue to become more advanced... with our motto: “Supporting a rich life through medical care, treatment and education". We humbly ask for your continued support and guidance.

Supporting a rich life

The Koga Medical Group is a collaboration of several hospitals and medical facilities, which utilize the newest equipment and facilities in order to improve medical technology. We are improving not only team treatment, but also group cooperation, further strengthening the links between understanding our patient’s condition and treating it. Our group aims to provide the latest most effective, and best treatment possible for our patients. In addition, we are now also focusing our efforts into the education sector, in order to cultivate future nurses.

People-Centered Medical Care

We work towards putting into practice considerate medical treatment, which protects the privacy of, and respects the rights of those in pain.

Cooperation with Medical Institutions

We work towards providing consistant, lifelong medical care, by closely cooperating with medical institutions.

Offering the Highest Quality Treatment Safely

We work towards always being able to take in patients, providing high quality specialist treatment from the heart, and ensuring the safety of those in pain.

Devotion to Study as a Medical Professional

We work towards always improving our medical techniques, striving to improve ourselves though self-study, and to interact with our patients in the appropriate manner.

Our Hospitals

Shin Koga Hospital


Koga Hospital 21


Shin Koga Clinic


Koga Care Avenue


Hebaru Clinic


Nobusuma Clinic



Accredited by the Japan Council for Quality Healthcare

Members of The Koga Medical Group have continually achieved accreditation from the JCQHC, assuring our patients of our determination to always provide the best medical treatment and care possible.

Accredited by Medical Excellence JAPAN (MEJ) for Japan International Hospitals

Japan International Hospitals (JIH) system is an initiative to provide the information useful to international patients on hospitals in Japan where they may receive medical services. As well as the assistance and information they may need in order to prepare for their stay in Japan. Medical Excellence JAPAN (MEJ) assesses a hospital from aspects of not only the quality and safety of its medical services, but also its medical system, and its efforts to accept international patients, and then recommends the hospital that has met the criteria. MEJ also provides the list of recommended hospitals and the information on their medical services.

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