What Defines Us

The Koga Medical Group offers a rich variety of medical treatment and care services with a smooth process from initial medical consultation and treatment, all the way through to follow-up care.


Seamless Transition

Latest Technology

Skilled Professionals

Head of Hospital

Shin Koga Clinic is Accredited by the Ningen Dock Institute

Shin Koga Clinic has undergone the Quality Evaluation for Ningen Dock and Health Screening Institute performed by Japan Society of Ningen Dock and has been certified as a facility that is able to provide a safe and appropriate health-check up known as Ningen Dock to help our patients maintain their health and prevent lifesytle related disease.


Shin Koga Clinic

Department Name
Diabetes & Endocrinology
Endoscopic Center
Gynecology (Female Outpatient only)
Psychosomatic Medicine
Dialysis & Apheresis Center
Smoking Rehabilitation
Internal Medicine
Urology (Female Outpatient only)
Breast Surgery (Female Outpatient only)
Japanese Herbal Medicine
Health Management Center

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