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Examinations and treatment are performed with the highest level of expertise and privacy.

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We offer a variety of services, from preventing habitual disease to the treatment of their symptoms.

Head of Hospital


Shin Koga Clinic has undergone the Quality Evaluation for Ningen Dock and Health Screening Institute performed by Japan Society of Ningen Dock and has been certified as a facility that is able to provide a safe and appropriate health-check up known as Ningen Dock to help our patients maintain their health and prevent lifesytle related disease.


Diabetes & Endocrinology

Diabetes & Endocrinology A department that specializes in the treatment of diabetes and the education of patients on the matter. We focus on providing consultation and helping our patients achieve a healthy, balanced diet.

Endoscopic Center

A department that in which a wide variety of endoscopic procedures are performed. Safety and quality are of top priority when dealing with our patients.


A department that specializes in examining conditions specific to female patients besides childbirth.

Psychosomatic Internal Medicine

A department that takes a holistic view of health and disease and mainly specializes in examining and treating physical symptoms triggered by psychological causes such as stress.

Hemodialysis & Apheresis Center

A facility that specializes primarily in the treatment of diabetes and other diseases such as ischemic heart disease and cerebrovascular disease. We have been officially accredited by the Japan Association of Dialysis Therapy.


Our nephrology department provides outpatient services and inpatient hospital care, as well as performing other special procedures such as shunt angiographies and endovascular treatment.

Smoking rehabilitation

A department that helps patients quit smoking by use of 12-week program to help them understand the risks of smoking and the benefits of quitting.

Women's Outpatient Care

Our clinic provides treatment for female-specific diseases. The majority of the treatment and procedures in this department are performed by female staff.

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Society Certified Titles

  • Educational Facility Certified by The Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy

  • Facility Linked with The Japanese Breast Cancer Society

  • Insurance Guidance Facility Accredited by The Japan Society of Ningen Dock

  • Facility Certifed by The Japan Brain Dock Society

  • Specialist Medical Examination Training Facility Certified by The Japan Society of Ningen Dock

  • Ningen Dock Training Facility for Medical Specialists, Certified by The Joint Committee of Ningen Dock Medical Specialists

  • Medical Check-up and Examination Facility Certified by The Japan Society of Ningen Dock and The Japan Hospital Association

  • Accredited Center for One Day Ningen Dock Examinations, evaluated by The National Federation of Health Insurance Societies

  • Accredited Scanning and Mammogram Examination Facility Certified by The Japan Central Organization on Quality Assurance of Breast Cancer Screening

Seamless Transition in Care

Supporting a Fulfilling Life Through Medical Treatment & Care

Medical Treatment & Care

The link between treatment and nursing

  • Aiming to Provide Higher Quality Medical Care

  • A rich variety of treatment and services
  • Cooperation between the three main hospitals of the group
  • Digital record system at each facility
  • Separate floors for men and women (Shin Koga Clinic)
  • Investment in cutting-edge technology
  • Contribution to development of health and welfare of local citizens
Koga Medical Group operates three main hospitals in addition to other medical care and rehabilitation facilities.


Shin Koga Clinic
106-1 Tenjinmachi
Kurume City, Fukuoka
JAPAN 830-8522
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