Greetings from the Hospital Director

Dr. Yuichi Miyamoto Shin Koga ClinicHospital DirectorDr. Yuichi Miyamoto

Having been involved in the establishment of the hospice, palliative care unit and terminal care at the Saga Prefectural Hospital, I have been working for a long time on subjects such as patient-centered medical care, holistic medicine, family care, team-based medical care, disclosure of cancer diagnosis, etc.

In holistic medicine, it is recognized that a patient’s suffering can include physical, psychological and social suffering, as well as emotional pain, and it is the medical care team’s job to deal with all of these problems.

With this in mind, we are diligently working on preventive medicine and I hope we will be able to contribute to the management of our patients’ health, even to some extent. Please feel free to talk to us.