Privacy Policy

Information regarding Patient Privacy

Koga Medical Group is committed to protecting personal information about patients in order to provide safe and reliable medical care.

Our Privacy Policy

  • Purpose of Using Patient Personal Information Koga Medical Group may use your personal information for the purposes listed in "Use of Personal Information" below. In case it is required to use the information for purposes that are not listed below, we will obtain your consent accordingly.
  • Disclosure, Correction and Suspension of Use of Your Personal Information Koga Medical Group complies with Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan for disclosure, correction and suspension of use of your personal information. Please feel free to contact us for more details or questions.

Inquiry to

Shin Koga Hospital Regional Healthcare Network Office
+81 942-38-2222 (In Japanese only)
Koga Hospital 21 Regional Healthcare Network Office
+81 942-38-3333 (In Japanese only)

Our Purpose of Using Patient Personal Information

  • Information Used within Our Hospitals
    • For medical services provided to our patients
    • For medical insurance administration
    • For ward management including admission/discharge management
    • For accounting and finance
    • For reporting of medical accidents
    • For improving medical services for patients
    • For cooperation for in-house clinical training
    • For in-house case study and cancer registry for the purpose of improving the quality of medical care
    • For display and confirmation of names of patients and hospital users
    • For additional operations management related to patients
  • Information Supplied Outside of Our Hospitals
    • For explanations of medical conditions to the families of patients
    • For cooperation with other hospitals, clinics, maternity hospitals, pharmacies, home-nursing stations, nursing care service providers, etc.
    • For responding to referrals from other medical facilities
    • For reporting results of health screening to contracted businesses
    • For seeking opinions and advice from the doctors of other medical facilities for treatment of patients
    • For outsourced laboratory testing and other operations
    • For outsourced research and other supporting operations related to clinical trials
    • For responding to requests of provision of receipts and referrals from the examination and payment agencies or the insurers
    • For consultation or reports for professional associations and insurance companies regarding medical care
    • For administrative work regarding medical insurance, life insurance, etc. of patients
    • For information and inquiries for visitors regarding hospitalization
  • For Miscellaneous Use
    • As basic materials to maintain and improve our medical and nursing care services
    • For when an official request for submission of information is made under the law by public authorities such the police department, the court, the fire department, etc.
    • For when it is required to provide information to or collect information from the police department, the fire department or the patient's family because we are unable to obtain consent from the patient due to impaired consciousness


Shin Koga Hospital Regional Healthcare Network Office
+81 942-38-2222(In Japanese only)
Koga Hospital 21 Regional Healthcare Network Office
+81 942-38-3333(In Japanese only)