Message from the Hospital Director of Koga Hospital 21

Dr.Yosuke Miyakawa Koga Hospital 21Hospital DirectorDR. Yosuke Miyakawa

“Providing medical care that supports an enriched life.”
At Koga Hospital 21, our primary mission is to provide the best medical care and support for healthy, fulfilling lives.

Koga Hospital 21 is renowned for its early cancer diagnosis at our PET Imaging Center, not to mention the wide range of radiation therapies available at our Radiotherapy Center. We place a great importance on making a continued effort to find ways to alleviate the physical and mental symptoms that patients begin to experience during the early stages of diagnosis and the chemotherapy, immunotherapy and surgical methods used for treating gastrointestinal, urologic and lung cancers. Depending on the severity of a patient’s condition and the progression of illness, patients may receive early consultation with a palliative care doctor and we provide guided tours of our facilities.

Doctors in our Orthopedic Surgery Department operate using the most advanced surgical techniques, and through our supportive Rehabilitation Center, we provide the aftercare necessary to get our patients back to enjoying their everyday lives.

Our Urology Department treats both prostate and renal cancer using the latest in robot-assisted surgical techniques (The da Vinci Surgical System), allowing for minimal invasiveness and the highest degree of precision.

Our Nephrology Department’s medical team uses reliable techniques to deal with the various problems that arise during long-term dialysis treatment, and exercise-based therapy given during dialysis helps our elderly patients improve mobility in doing everyday activities.

Thanks to the highly efficient medical network achieved through the seamless cooperation among all departments and facilities within the Tenjinkai Medical Group (Shin Koga Hospital, Shin Koga Clinic and other affiliates) are able to provide the highest quality treatment tailored to meet each of our individual patient’s needs.

Close cooperation with nursing and welfare facilities is of utmost importance when providing care. Working together with the Tenjinkai Group’s nursing care facilities in Kurume city, as well as with other medical, nursing and welfare facilities, allows us to help our patients in their transition back to living at home once treatment has been completed.

At some point, people stopped celebrating longevity and began viewing old age as a societal problem. Although it is true that we all get older, and many of us will experience illness or injury along our life path. We at Tenjinkai Medical Group strive to be the kind of care facility that provides the compassion care that each and every one of us deserves.