Message from the Chairman

社会医療法人天神会 理事長 古賀伸彦 Social Medical Cooperation TenjinkaiChairmanDr. Nobuhiko Koga

Since becoming the chairman of the Koga Medical Group on June 1st, 2006, I have been constantly seeking to provide the latest, most effective patient-centered medical care through the improvement of medical treatment techniques, the utilization of the latest medical equipment and facilities and by strengthening teamwork and cooperation skills, not only within our group, but also with other hospitals and clinics. We do our best to live up our group’s motto “Medical Care That Supports an Enriched Life”.

Shin Koga Hospital cleared all 532 assessment criteria of the Japan Council for Quality Health Care and was certified in accordance with the Hospital Evaluation Standards (Version 5.0). In addition, we were honored to receive feedback stating that Shin Koga Hospital “considers emergency care to be a vital part of its hospital operations and is one of the main hospitals that offer local community medical services, staying true to their policy of never refusing those in need of emergency care.” Moreover, we have been certified as a clinical training hospital by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and we are putting a great deal of importance on training doctors.

At Koga Hospital 21, in addition to our PET Imaging Center being the first in the private sector in Northern Kyushu to offer cancer screening using a PET scan, we have also opened a Radiotherapy Center in which Tomotherapy can be performed (the 2nd facility after Osaka to do so in the west of Japan). Tomotherapy is a process used to treat cancer without making any incisions and established the latest integrated medical treatment system from cancer screening and diagnosis to treatment. We are also working together with the staff at Shin Koga Hospital to improve rehabilitation processes for patients recovering from heart disease.

Shin Koga Clinic—located within a 2-minute walk from Nishitetsu Kurume Station—offers standard health check-ups as well as a comprehensive private health check known as Ningen Dock on the 1st floor. The separated areas for men and women has proven to be popular, especially among female patients. The female-only area has been set up so that the gynecology department and female-only outpatient clinic (Breast Surgery・Proctology) are operated by female doctors only. Furthermore, we have an endoscopy center with private exam rooms on the 5th and 6th floors, a day-care rehabilitation center for patients in long-term care on the 2nd and a chemotherapy room where the patients can receive their treatment in a relaxing atmosphere on the 3rd floor. After undergoing the Ningen Dock Health Check, be sure to visit Sky Lounge 8 located on the 8th floor and have a meal while enjoying the view.

We hope to be recognized as a local-oriented hospital that meets the expectations of the local community. We whole-heartedly appreciate the continued support and guidance of our community.