Message from the Hospital Director of Shin Koga Hospital

新古賀病院 院長 林 明宏 Shin Koga HospitalDirectorDr. Akihiro Hayashi

The Koga Medical Group is becoming an integrated medical group and is expanding its healthcare services with the cooperation of its group affiliates which include Shin Koga Hospital, Koga Hospital 21, Shin Koga Clinic, Nobusuma Clinic, Hebaru Clinic and Koga Care Avenue (a general care facility for the elderly).

While I stand as the head of the Shin Koga Hospital—a facility that plays the leading role in the Tenjinkai Medical Group within the fields of advanced and emergency medical care in the Chikugo region—it has always been my unrelenting desire to provide our patients with safe, high-quality medical care, to meet the needs of doctors in both private practices and other hospitals as much as possible, and finally, to generate ideas among our hospital staff, choosing the best ones to put into practice with the goal of further improving our already reliable medical care.

We constantly monitor feedback from our patients in the form of suggestions, complaints, and requests so that we can find out whether our patients were satisfied with our services, whether they would be likely to come back to the Tenjikai group again in the future, or whether they would recommend our hospital to their friends. We strive to respond to any requests we receive as quickly as possible. We know that the medical care field can be mentally and physically exhausting for the hospital staff. Therfore, I believe it necessary to create a bright and fulfilling workplace where our staff can take pride in their work, cooperate with colleagues and look out for each other while they carry out their work (ES: employee satisfaction). This allows our staff to provide quality healthcare services that are able to satisfy the needs of our patients (CS: customer satisfaction).

Finally, in order to contribute to the quality of healthcare in our community, we, the Koga Medical Group staff, promise to provide consistent medical care which abides by our 3S mindset concept (Service, Sincerity and Study) and adheres to the greater principal, “Medical Care That Supports a Fulfilling Life.”